Is ANWFantasy.com affiliated with American Ninja Warrior?

No, I am just a huge fan of the show and of fantasy sports, so I combined those passions to create a game that I could give back and share with other fans of the show. That is why all the data in my database only comes from aired runs.

Where did all of this data come from?

I went through and re-watched every episode and recorded each result as it was shown. Some data is from runs which were completely cut from an episode, but if a name and a result were presented in a table somewhere in the episode that data was added as well. Also a huge thank you to whoever has been updating the American Ninja Warrior pages on Sasukepedia they were a great reference tool!

So I picked a team, now what?

Now you will have to wait until the episodes air on A FAST APPROACHING UNDISCOLSED DATE. I will continuously be adding more data, I'll post updates to the sites social media sources Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ANWFantasy, Twitter: @ANWFantasy, and when I can Instagram @ANWFantasy to keep people updated as I do so. Once episodes do air, I will update the Season 10 Fantasy Results tab (coming soon) and you will be able to monitor how your team is doing and compare your team to eveyone else's team.

Can I enter myself / my friend who does not appear in any of the databases on this site?

Of course! If you are confident in your ninja skills or those of your friend, by all means choose yourself or a friend for your team. Also if you want to add yourself or a friend to the "Aspiring Ninja" database please send an email entitled "Aspiring Ninja – Your/There Name Here" to ANWFantasy@gmail.com. In your email, please include the name of the Aspiring Ninja, what state you/they are from, how many times you/they've competed on the actual show's course, how long you/they have been training specifically for American Ninja Warrior, Your/Their background - either your occupation or what makes you good at ANW, and lastly something to make people want to pick you for their team - I have received everything from additional background information, "former division 1 football player", or wacky comments like, "A real life ninja since 6".

What happens if my ninja's run is not shown?

Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about unaired runs. Fortunately however, to my knowledge, every time someone has cleared any stage (after season 3) they have at the very least been included in a post episode table which will be counted.

How did you come up with the idea for the site?

I really don't want to take any credit for that. The idea is something that has been floated around the community multiple times by multiple people. I was tired of just theorizing about it and decided to make it happen. I discussed scoring and mechanical features like that with a bunch of Northeast ninjas at local competitions, the biggest contributions coming from Henry Ferrarin who has been playing his own version at these competitions.


If you have any other questions about the site, the game, or even American Ninja Warrior feel free to send them to me at ANWFantasy@gmail.com. I will do my best to try and answer all of them to the best of my ability.

Also, I have tried to error check a million times but I'm sure there are still some errors, if you could kindly point them out to me at ANWFantasy@gmail.com. I do appreciate it and I will do my best to correct these in a timely fashion.

Future Plans

This is just our second season, hopefully it will allow me and the web development team to understand what areas need to be improved and what areas are functioning well. In addition to improving the current system we have many other ideas we want to implement that just could not be finished in time for this season.

Money leagues Hopefully in the future it will be possible to create leagues where teams compete for real money and/or prizes.

Multiple pool/leagues entry  In the future you will be able to create/ join pools and leagues where you compete against just your friends, or just people from a certain region.

Multiple league formats These pools will allow you to select whether or not you want to compete in a season long league, a qualifier only league, a pre - Midoriyama/Las Vegas league, or a Midoriyama/Las Vegas only league. Of which scoring maybe modified to reflect the type for league. For example points may be assigned based on obstacles completed instead of stages for some of these leagues.

Easier team selection Instead of typing in each ninja on your team, in future iterations of the team selection screen will have a list of each ninja which you will simply be able to click their name and they will be added to your roster. Very similar to something you would see on daily fantasy sports sites.

More database functionalityData sorts by column headers and will be added to each database to make looking up ninjas quicker and easier. As well as more intuitive scrolling, with the ninja names and table headers following your browsing area. This looks really awesome on mobile devices. The databases are constantly being tweaked and upgraded to make them easier to view and interact with so many more changes to come here.