Welcome to the Aspiring Ninjas Page!

Since every year there is a rookie or someone who makes a deep run on their first televised appearance I wanted to give fantasy owners a chance to get to know some of the lesser known/newcomers to the show.

If you are an Aspiring Ninja or know someone who is please send an email entitled "Aspiring Ninja - Your/There Name Here" to ANWFantasy@gmail.com.

In your email, please include the name of the Aspiring Ninja, what state you/they are from, how many times you/they've competed on the actual show's course, how long you/they have been training specifically for American Ninja Warrior, Your/Their background - either your occupation or what makes you good at ANW, and lastly something to make people want to pick you for their team - check below for the range of answers I've already recevied.

In the future we will try and make it so you can send in a quick teaser of your submission and I will link it in the comments section (no full videos as per castings request).

Name From Location Course Attempts Years Training Background Reason to Pick Them
Jason Huwe California 4 6 Design Specialist Creator the "International Ninja Athlete Association", and the "Central California Ninja Training Course", also a ninjaneer for several other gyms across the country. Runs the course with buddy the monkey on his back
Brian Senta Virginia 3 6 Ultimate Frisbee "Mankind's last hope"
Brad Martin Maryland 3 5 Restaurant Manager Co-owner of the parkour and Ninja Warrior Gym "Alternate Routes" Says he is, "Usually consistent at completing courses."
Josh Sanchez New York 2 7 Martial Arts Teacher Excels thanks to his strong upper body and explosiveness
Jason Eckel 2 6 Works for an Audio Visual Company Claims unpredictability is one of his biggest assets
Bobby Zavala Tennessee 2 4 Lifeguard former completive disk golf player Founder of the Ninja Warrior Team "Team Nash", has built a very impressive back yard course and many of the obstacles at the "Ninjakour Atlanta" gym
Chris Moore Alabama 2 1 Owner of a Digital Marketing Company Has the largest backyard course in Alabama
Scott Morrison Maryland 1 8 Gymanstics Gym owner and instructor for kids "47 years old and still rockin' it"
Jermaine Ashman Maryland 1 8 Grad student Longtime practitioner of martial arts and parkour
Travis McClure New Jersey 1 5 Entomologist Wasn't going to include myself on this list, but I got a call to compete this year so why not, also I run this site, not sure if that means you should pick me or not.
Cory Dzbinski California 1 4 All around athlete/parkour/sponsored skateboarder I run the largest ANW specific training course on the west coast. www.ninjaranch.com and i'm a professional touring air hockey pro ranked 12th in the world.
Chad Riddle Pennsylvania 1 4 Teacher Sometimes goes by "The Maniamal", "Life's too short to not"
Greg Schwartz Massachusetts 1 4 Rock Climber / Power Lifter "One of the best you've never heard of."
Alex Krumland California 1 3 Student / Delivery Boy Former taekwondo athlete, 5 straight years of being a ninja for Halloween. "Pick me because reasons"
Mathew Gant Tennesse 1 3 Rock Climbing "Team Nash's Secret Weapon", President of the southeastern climbing coalition
Justin Jeffery New York 1 3 Fitness Instructor/ Football Player Former Division 1 football player with a 63 inch vertical
Ashley Williams New York 1 3 Personal Trainer/Massage Therapist Many years of dance experience and a little experience doing parkour
Alicia Gonzalez Virginia 1 3 Rock Climber/Pole Dancer "I'm awesome"
Buddy the Monkey Peru 1 3 Being a monkey and hanging around "I love bananas"
Jason Hammonds Maryland 1 3 Bartender Trains every day, once dropped 100lbs in 7 months
Brooke BAM Mullen New Jersey 1 2 Gymnastics/ MMA/ Track & Field/ Rock Climbing
Mikey Mckenzie Missouri 1 2 Pizza Deliver A lifelong baseball player and parkour enthusiast
Alexa Marcigliano 0 9 Stunt Performer/ Rock climber Has been a huge fan of the show since before it came to America, at 5'1 she really likes doing things people don't think she can because of her size
Terry England Louisana 0 4 Warehouse Manager "I do not give up. I will continue to apply until picked, or the show ends."
TJ Allocot New York 0 4 Computer Tech Ninjaneer, who has built many replica obstacles for use in his backyard course as well as gyms throughout the northeast. Spent 3 days in the walk-on line for ANW6, but did not get a chance to compete
Julien McConnell 0 4 Aide for adults with learning disabilities Was a course tester last year Miami
Reid Daniels Virginia 0 3 Student 16 years old and trains everyday
Colt Scott Virginia 0 3 Parkour-Ninja Warrior Coach, political Science Student "I am the diabadass"
Joe Sinatra New York 0 3 Dentist "Representing for those in their fifties"
Jeff DelMartin Maryland 0 3 Exercise Physiologist "This is Sparta!"
Jedi Markowski New Jersey 0 3 Parkour Instructor "Insert quote here"
Joseph Mumford Maryland 0 3 HVAC tech Nicknamed 'Monkeyford' as a kid.
"I do not give up once I put my heart and mind to something"
Trina Lisko New Jersey 0 2 Physician/ Mom "You don't stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing."
Jeremy Hillsman Tennessee 0 2 Nissan Tech Former cheerleader, Team Nash member
Wes Whitlam Michigan 0 2 Software Dude The typical underdog. Strong will and stronger under adversity.
Jay Rubio 0 2 Account executive Has recently been taking extra time off from work to train for ANW7, "Just an average guy who plays football on the weekends, trying to make a dream a reality"
Dylan Miraglai 0 2 Personal Trainer Twin brother trying out, competing see who is the better twin
Michael Miraglai 0 2 Personal Trainer Twin brother trying out, competing see who is the better twin
Tom Amascila 0 2 All American Wrestler A lifetime of wrestling experience coupled with a bouldering and rock climbing in recent years to improve grip strength
Amy Fuentes Massachusetts 0 2 Personal Trainer / Fitness instructor Marine corps veteran
Joe Dubuc Massachusetts 0 2 Personal trainer / Sales Clerk He is "The Total Package"
Chris Guttadaro New York 0 2 Bartender Played collegiate level basketball, and has played his whole life, hoping those skills will translate to ANW
Kyle Linardi 0 2 Sales Account Manager "Extreme sports is my job"
Jake Cahill New York 0 2 Wine & spirits Consultant No matter what happens he is going to have fun
Jessica Britten Maryland 0 2 Personal Trainer "Rebel without a cause", Wife of Geoff Britten
Maura Sherman New York 0 2 Dance Rock Climber
Andy White Virginia 0 2 Obstacle Course Racer Has been competing in OCR races for the past 6 years, hardly ever failing at an obstacle in a race. Now he's ready to show the world what he can do on an ANW course.
Rob Vest New York 0 2 Owner of a CossFit Box "Devastatingly Handsome"
Shan Sharma Pennsylvania 0 2 Broadcast TV Commercial Editor Tough Mudder, Bone Frog Challenge, and any other adrenaline sport, trains with his brother Dan
Dan Sharma Connecticut 0 2 Automotive Mechanic When working with his brother Shan, they can accomplish anything they want, their newest objective is ANW.
Nikunj Patel Georgia 0 2 Break Dancer "Going to be the first American ninja warrior"
Kevin OConnor New York 0 2 Roofer Mohawk Man
Kevin Karn New York 0 2 Rock Climber Problem solver, sees how obstacles work and uses it to his advantage
Nick Arcidiacono 0 2 Project Coordinator Is called the "American Teenage Mutant Ninja Warrior" by his daughter
Eric Debatt Maryland 0 2 Engineer Really athletic been doing sports whole life
Abby Trader Maryland 0 2 Gymnastics Loves new challenges
Collin Medows West Virginia 0 2 Software Engineer Diagnosed with autoimmune disease
Todd Mitchelle Virginia 0 2 Rock climber/ Gymnastic Master unicycler
Maguell Davis Virginia 0 2 Department of Defense Accountant Former division 1 football player for Norfolk state - "Lets it get"
John Medina New York 0 2 Steel Worker Agile and a lengthy background in martial arts, "Assumption is the mother of all f*** ups"
Ian DiPaola New York 0 2 Nurse "Putting stereotypes to rest since 1981"
Charles Blacknall Oklahoma City 0 2 Renaissance Fair Pirate A tester the past two seasons with a confirmed spot to compete in San Antonio for Season 9
Romeo Gousse New York 0 2 Personal Trainer "Trying to become a ninja"
Amber White 0 2 Graphic Designer/ Fitness Instructor "Your mind is your strongest weapon"
Daneil Lee 0 2 Software Engineer "Speak softly but carry a big stick"
Paulo Narra New York 0 2 Construction Worker Competitive gymnast for 14 years
Jesse Labreck Maine 0 2 Teacher USA Track and Field National Championship Competitor - Heptathlon
Kelly Noonkester North Carolina 0 2 Dancer "I don't get tired"
Lucas Reale Massachusetts 0 2 Skyzone/Ultimate Frisbee NNL Season 1 Finalist with trampoline experience. Trains 4 times a week. Always trying to get better.
Daniyil Onufrishyn 0 1 Graphic Designer Just going to try his hardest
Darren Wojcicki New York 0 1 Regional Wellness Coordinator "Feed Me!"
Ferris Patterson-Khan Virginia 0 1 Full-time Student Has always been completive and an athlete, hoping to take advantage of the opportunity
Rian McLean Maryland 0 1 Warehouse Worker/ Entrepreneur Has been doing rock climbing, and other parkour like things his whole life
Tony Chen 0 1 Ceo of a Startup Company "Selling drugs by day ninja by night" - with a big joking laugh
Mike Verderosa New York 0 1 Contractor "Fat to furious" - Lost weight to become a better role model for his son
Derek Mathews Connecticut 0 1 Ninja Coach at New Era Ninjas / Student "A jack of all trades that can take his skills to the finals"
Robby Snyder 0 1 Weight Training Ultimate ninja warrior aspirations
Jonathan Angelilli 0 1 Personal Trainer A "real life ninja" since 6
Alex Web 0 1 Business Analyst Rock climbing-cheerleader
Mark Bradley 0 1 Software engineer / Rock Climber His athleticism comes from his cross-country background, in addition to rock climbing also does ice climbing
Christopher Manza 0 1 Personal Trainer "A warrior on and off the field"
David Vergara New York 0 1 Forensic Chemistry Student The Forensic Ninja. I'm a true underdog story. Background in parkour and rock climbing
Christian DeRubeis Connecticut 0 1 Trainer at New Era Ninjas D3 College lacrosse player and NNL Season 1 Finalist
Chris Howard Louisiana 0 1 Student/ Gymnastics & Tricking "The Chosen One" a member of Team Nash
Dennis Ailinger 0 1 The newest member of Team Nash, but catching up quickly
Vito Lasprugato New Jersey 0 1 Sports Nutritionist/Fitness Coach aka - Green Warrior. Started competing in Ninja Comps last year and am quickly getting more efficient. Trained one on one under Jamie Rahn for over a year.