How it works

Game Play

ANWFantasy works by combining the team selecting mechanic from traditional fantasy sports games, and points for progress scoring similar to that of March Madness Brackets.

For Season 11 everyone will be competing against one another in one massive contest for a chance to win $250. Each player will craft teams of the 5 ninjas they think will score the most points (a breakdown of the scoring can be found on the left). IFF the borders around names is easy and can be done in time - There is one twist to the game, at least one member of every team cannot be a Midoriyama/ Las Vegas Veteran (denoted with red borders in the databases), you can select an aired competitor that has never made it to Midoriyama/ Las Vegas (denoted with blue borders in the database), an "Aspiring Ninja" (someone who has either never had their runs aired or has never competed on the show), or someone who is not currently present in any of the databases**.Teams can have as many ninjas you want that are not Midoriyama/ Las Vegas Veterans, but a team cannot consist of 5 Midoriyama/ Las Vegas Veterans.
**I am always trying to expand my databases so if you would like to add yourself or someone you know to the database please send an email entitled "Aspiring Ninja - Your/There Name Here" to

To play, simply click on the Sign Up button in the top right corner of your screen. Here you will be prompted to enter your name, email address (we will not contact you regarding anything other than ANWFantasy), a fantasy team name (sometimes creating a clever name can be half the fun), and enter the name of each of the 5 ninjas you wish to have on your fantasy team, lastly you will be asked to guess your projected team score, which will serve as a tiebreaker incase two fantasy teams score the same amount of points.

If you are unsure who to select we have compiled an abundance of data (tons more on the way) to help guide your decision. For example the Runs tab shows you exactly what stages ninjas cleared and the obstacles which took them out. While the Ninja Stats tab takes this data one step further and applies simple formulas to the results and allowing them to be presented numerically. Please do not enter the same name twice, if you do you will only receive their points once. You may enter multiple teams in this beta season, but a record of the number of teams you entered will be kept.

Once the first episode airs, May 29th, 2019 you will be able to compare your team's points to the rest of the fantasy teams in the contest by clicking on the Season 11 Fantasy Results tab (coming soon).

To be entered for your chance to win the grand prize and due to the prerecorded nature of American Ninja Warrior all entries must be finalized prior to the filming of the First City Qualifiying on Thursday, March 7th, 2019 at 12:01am EST.
Since we are still just starting out and attempting to attract new players, players will be allowed to select teams first episode airs on Wednesday, May 29th, 2019 all entries submitted or edited after Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 will be not be eligible for the grand prize and will be denoted as such.


Fantasy points are awarded as follows:

1 point for every obstacle cleared!

  • 2 points for City Qualifier course clear
  • 4 points for City Finals course clears
  • 4 points for Midoriyama/Las Vegas Stage 1 clears
  • 6 points for Midoriyama/Las Vegas Stage 2 clears
  • 8 points for Midoriyama/Las Vegas Stage 3 clears
  • 10 points for Total Victory

New for Season 11!

Ninjas who win the Power Tower and receive the Speed Pass will earn 10 Points (equal to completing all City Finals obstacles without the course completion bonus)


Additonally a 0.5 point bonus is awarded to the fastest runner for each timed stage

For example Geoff Britten's "Perfect Season" is scored:
• 2pts for City Qualifier cleared + 6 obstacles cleared +
• 4pts for City Finals cleared + 10 obstacles cleared (+0.5 fastest bonus) +
• 4pts for Stage 1 cleared + 8 obstacles cleared +
• 6pts for Stage 2 cleared + 6 obstacles cleared (+0.5 fastest bonus) +
• 8pts for Stage 3 cleared + 8 obstacles cleared +
• 10pts for Stage 4 cleared + 1 obstacle cleared =
74 total points!

Points for each ninja on a team are added together, the fantasy owner with the most combined points after the final episode has been entered will be the winner.

Click Here for official contest rules

If you have any thoughts, insights, or tips on how to improve the gameplay send them to me at