ANW Contestants

Midoriyama Veteran Aired Ninja

city qualifier
city final
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stage 2
stage 3
stage 4
Name                                     Fantasy Points Obstacle Failed Completion Time(s) Obstacle Failed Completion Time(s) Obstacle Failed Completion Time(s) Obstacle Failed Completion Time(s) Obstacle Failed Obstacle Failed
David Campbell 24 Complete (LA) 289.98 Complete (LA) 421.27 Double Dipper
Travis Rosen 18 Complete (IND) 181.97 Cane Lane (IND) Qualified Double Dipper
Brent Steffensen 17 Tuning Forks (DAL) Qualified Nail Clipper (DAL) Qualified Twist and Fly (timeout)
Drew Drechsel 44 Complete (MIA) 144.74 Stair Hopper (MIA) Qualified Complete 96.2 Complete 231.35 Ultimate Crazy Cliffhanger
Brian Arnold 19 Spin Hopper (IND) Qualified Cane Lane (IND) Qualified Twist and Fly
James McGrath 20 Complete (PHL) 158.54 Spider Trap (PHL) Qualified Jumping Spider
Ryan Stratis 26 Complete (MIA) 260.44 Complete (MIA) 505.63 Jeep Run
Joe Moravsky 24.5 Complete (MN) 158.38 Complete (MN) 302.3 Double Dipper
Flip Rodriguez 20 Doorknob Drop (LA) Qualified Complete (LA) 398.17 Double Dipper
Chris Wilczewski 39 Complete (PHL) 121.53 Complet (PHL) 299.86 Complete 135.29 Wingnut Alley
Isaac Caldiero 18 Complete (IND) 239.91 Block Run (IND) Twist and Fly
Jamie Rahn 38 Complete (PHL) 157.5 Complete (PHL) 379.63 Complete 137.93 Wingnut Alley
Ian Dory 22 Complete (MN) 274.54 Complete (MN) 477.57
Andrew Lowes 7 Crank It UP (DAL) Qualified Broken Bridge (DAL)
Tremayne Dortch 14 Complete (DAL) 278.73 Salmon Ladder (DAL)
Jared Woods 2 Razors Edge (MIA)
Kevin Bull 25 Doorknob Drop (LA) Qualified Complete (LA) 391.31 Twist and Fly
Lance Pekus 17 Complete (MN) 186.55 Iron Maiden (MN) Qualified Propeller Bar
Brian Kretsch 17 Complete (LA) 367.67 Baton Pass (LA) Qualified Propeller Bar
Daniel Gil 37 Complete (DAL) 100.79 Complete (DAL) 236.73 Complete 106.65 déjà vu
Abel Gonzalez 18 Complete (DAL) 232.26 Fallout (DAL) Qualified Double Dipper
Michael Bernardo 11 Complete (PHL) 186.71 Wingnuts (PHL)
Kevin Klein 3 Tuning Forks (DAL)
Neil Craver 17 Complete (MIA) 250.87 Crazy Clocks (MIA) Qualified Double Dipper
Jake Murray 34.5 Complete (MN) 175.71 Complete (MN) 321.57 Complete 96 Epic Catch and Release
Jeremy Morgan 22 Complete (DAL) 161.27 Complete (DAL) 316.53
Michael Silenzi 11 Battering Ram (MN) Qualified The Hinge (MN)