ANW Contestants

Midoriyama Veteran Aired Ninja

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Name                                     Fantasy Points Obstacle Failed Completion Time(s) Obstacle Failed Completion Time(s) Obstacle Failed Completion Time(s) Obstacle Failed Completion Time(s) Obstacle Failed Obstacle Failed
Joe Moravsky 31 Complete (Phl) 120.29 Invisible Ladder (Phl) Qualified Complete 135.9 Wave Runner
Sean Bryan 9 Complete (LA) 150.11 Escalator (LA)
Drew Drechsel 50.5 Complete (ATL) 79.44 Complete (ATL) 305.62 Complete 132.22 Complete 208.3 Hang Climb
Daniel Gil 49 Complete (OKC) 104.17 Complete (OKC) 314.27 Complete 124.97 Complete 206.19 Ultiamte Cliffhanger
Jamie Rahn 16 Complete (Phl) 177.66 Stair Hopper (Phl) Qualified Giant Log Grip
Adam Rayl 24 I-Beam Cross (LA) Qualified The Wedge (LA) Qualified Complete 135.26 Wave Runner
Ian Dory 23 Complete (Ind) 166.55 Complete (Ind) 473.91 Propeller Bar
Josh Levin 37.5 Complete (LA) 275.21 Complete (LA) 501.3 Complete 132.24 Double Wedge
Najee Richardson 29 Complete (Phl) 174.53 Stair Hopper (Phl) Qualified Complete 131.99 Down Up Salmon Ladder
Flip Rodriguez 29 Complete (LA) 143.12 The Wedge (LA) Qualified Complete 135.22 Wave Runner
Jared Woods 1 Big Dipper (ATL)
Thomas Stillings 30.5 Complete (OKC) 103.51 Invisible Ladder (OKC) Qualified Complete 112.44 Down Up Salmon Ladder
Travis Rosen 22 Complete (ATL) 154.03 Complete (ATL) 412.17 Snake Run
Andrew Lowes 19 Complete (OKC) 227.09 Bungee Road (OKC) Qualified Sonic Curve
Kevin Bull 15.5 Complete (LA) 122.81 The Wedge (LA) Qualified Giant Log Grip
Abel Gonzalez 2 Paddle Boards (Phl)
Tyler Yamauchi 20 Complete (Ind) 201.7 Hourglass Drop (Ind) Qualified Warped Wall
Grant Clinton 17 Tire Swing (OKC) Qualified Complete (OKC) 357.43 Snake Run
Lance Pekus 2 Log Runner (OKC)
Brent Steffenson 11 Bar Hop (OKC) Qualified Bungee Road (OKC) Qualified Giant Log Grip
Drew Knapp 9 Complete (Ind) 205.81 Rolling Log (Ind)
Nicholas Coolridge 29 Complete (LA) 153.37 The Wedge (LA) Qualified Complete 131.68 Wave Runner
Nick Kostreski 18 Rolling Thunder (Phl) Qualified Flying Shelf Grab (Phl) Qualified Flying Squirrel (timeout)
Nick Hanson 21 Complete (LA) 283.68 The Wedge (LA) Qualified Flying Squirrel (timeout)
David Campbell 12 Complete (OKC) 107.2 Bar Hop (OKC)
Brian Arnold 38 Complete (Ind) 138.15 Complete (Ind) 397.87 Complete 125.9 Double Wedge
Ryan Stratis 23 Complete (Phl) 259.12 Stair Hopper (Phl) Qualified Flying Squirrel
Cass Clawson 11 Complete (OKC) 151.4 Log Runner (OKC)
Eric Middleton 22 Complete (Ind) 181.8 Hourglass Drop (Ind) Qualified Flying Squirrel
Michael Bernardo 13 Rolling Thunder (Phl) Qualified Stair Hopper (Phl) Qualified Propeller Bar
Karsten Williams 19 Complete (OKC) 188.1 Window Hang (OKC) Qualified Jumping Spider
Allyssa Beird 9 Rolling Thunder (Phl) Qualified Rolling Thunder (Phl) Wild Card Propeller Bar
Jon Alexis Jr. 23 Complete (Phl) 111.08 Stair Hopper (Phl) Qualified Flying Squirrel
Jessie Graff 29 Complete (LA) 267.84 Helix Hang (LA) Qualified Complete 127.61 Wave Runner
Gabe Hurtado 14 Complete (LA) 188.7 The Wedge (LA) Qualified
Brian Burkhardt 4 Tire Swing (OKC) Qualified Ring Swing (OKC)
Lorin Ball 9.5 Complete (Ind) 96.44 Rolling Log (Ind)
Brandon Pannell 14 Rolling Thunder (Phl) Qualified Flying Shelf Grab (Phl) Qualified Jumping Spider
Meagan Martin 16 Complete (Ind) 390.08 Circuit Board (Ind) Qualified Giant Log Grip
Dan Yager 9 Complete (Ind) 131.9 Rolling Log (Ind)
Casidy Marks 3 Spin Cycle (ATL)
Kapu Gaison 1 Tick Tock (LA)
Kevin Klein 2 Log Runner (OKC)
Chris Digangi 4 Rolling Thunder (Phl) Qualified
Jackson Meyer 10 I-Beam Cross (LA) Qualified The Wedge (LA) Qualified Snake Run
Lucas Gomes 15 Complete (ATL) 265.41 Floating Monkey Bars (ATL) Injury Replacement Snake Run